Julia as Medium

Spiritualism has always made sense to me because it seems so illogical that we are here for only ‘four score years and ten’.  The concept of life after death–or life after life, as some prefer–is totally logical, and mediums set out to prove it.  Contact with a loved one, a friend, a neighbour, or even an animal after their death brings closure and comfort.

After a friend introduced me to medium David Young in 1986, I regularly began attending David’s church services in North Vancouver, BC.  Over the years, I attended many of the other Spiritualist churches in the Lower Mainland, including Community Spiritualist Church, The ISA (International Spiritualist Alliance), and the Universal Brotherhood Spiritualist Church (UBSC).

Over the years, I have had the privilege of sitting in several home circles with some outstanding mediums, and am constantly striving to develop my mediumship skills through classes, workshops, and reading.  Recently I have been fortunate to study with Reverend Simon James and Reverend Brian Robertson.  Learning never stops.

I use tarot cards, psychometry, flowers, and other tools as well as direct links with Spirit to bring information that will, hopefully, be useful to the sitter.  The object of mediumship is proof of survival; however, many people are interested in messages only to support them in  making decisions, or to answer questions about situations in their lives.  Mediumship does not foretell the future!

Auragraph for J. T., pastels, 2011It gives me great pleasure to combine my art and my mediumship by drawing auragraphs (psychic art created especially for the sitter), where attunement with Spirit can help me produce a piece of artwork that depicts a person’s spiritual and physical life.  (Auragraph for J. T., pastels, 2011.)

Working with Spirit is a privilege and I am most happy to be of service to others in this way.

I’ll do one-on-one readings or parties for six to eight people.