Julia as Healer

The human touch is powerful.  It can soothe and calm and love.  As well, it can can be the conduit of healing energy from the divine spirit, the universal consciousness.  I have been doing hands-on healing for well over 20 years, including spiritual healing and Reiki.  However, my true love in healing is using Dr Bach flower essences.

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I first learned of flower essences over 30 years ago and have been using them ever since on both people and animals.  I believe utterly in their power, as I have seen some near-miraculous results as a result of using them, particularly in animals.  (This, I believe, is because animals have no pre-conceived notions about what will work and what won’t.)

Edward Bach (1886 – 1936), medical doctor, bacteriologist, and homeopath, believed disease is the result of conflict between soul and mind.  Therefore, the same disease or trauma may have different effects on different people (or animals).

Dr Bach developed flower essences as a form of vibrational healing to help remove layers of negative stress accumulated through daily living.  By alleviating unhappiness and physical distress, the body’s natural healing potential is unblocked.  They are not a ‘cure’; rather, they support the body, mind, and spirit during times of stress and discomfort.


Bach flower remedies are harmless and may be used by anybody, including animals and children.  Allergic reactions are uncommon.  Read more about Dr Bach’s remedies here.

Personal blends are created through dowsing and intuition plus prayer to help restore balance and inner harmony.   Each blend is different, and sometimes more than one blend is necessary to help progress to health.

I am most happy to discuss creating a personal blend for you, your pet(s), or other members of your family.